21st Century Schools


Worcester Public Schools intends to apply for a 21st Century Grant for FY2018. The grant is an opportunity to support additional learning time for students at Claremont Academy and Worcester East Middle School. Our window of opportunity for public comment is through Friday, April 7th. Comments should be addressed to:

Gregory R. Bares
Manager of Grant Resources
Worcester Public Schools
20 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609
(508) 799-3108

ELL & Supplemental Support Services

21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant promote efficient use of public resources and facilities through effective partnerships between schools, community-based agencies, and other public and private entities. The goals of the program are to contribute to and improve student learning, create stronger families, and build healthy communities. The out-of-school time programs offer standards-based projects, homework centers, computer technology, literacy activities, recreation, arts, health education, and numerous other related opportunities that align with the Massachusetts frameworks. Thirteen elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools are designated 21st Century Community Learning Centers for the 2010-2011 school year.

21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Sites:

  • Sullivan Middle School